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Catch DJ BPM every Wed midnight/ Thurs morning 00.00hrs GMT at 


Since I started hosting my own show in July 2013, this has been great in sharing grime music to diverse audiences. I feel it has given me a platform to present grime as an artform. Thank you to the Resonance team for that opportunity.

Knowledge Is Power showcase mix 2015 






I went to a Spiral Tribe party in Carnegie Library Deptford in 1991, it was like a divine moment for me and changed my life, and was there that my love of underground dance parties and music began that lead me to eventually borrow some decks buy some vinyl and start mixing Drum and Bass years later. 


Spiral Tribe and SP23 are still a positive influence through the good work they do with Dharma techno & Artists In Action


Large up Unsound who gave me my first opportunity to play out ever and I loved their parties.I also started playing out at Amorphous nights in Goldsmiths Tavern New cross, love and thanks to Bevin and to DJ Simple aka Dirch Blewn for ongoing support. Love out to Siren Sound System who are my raving family as are Reknaw and Dissident Island Radio and Section Six crew. [photo of Siren]

In 2003 I first heard Grime thanks to my son (in the same school year as P Money), he was bringing back home burnt CD's with Essentials, D Double E, Mak10, Roll Deep, by 2004 I was collecting Grime vinyl, and became obsessed with Grime music. I collected early dubstep and breakbeats too. 


In those days Grime wasn't popular in most places I was playing, and a lot of the sound systems wouldn't let me play Grime only D&B or breakbeat sets, So was a real boost when Myng of Global Vortex Radio (USA) offered me a slot to showcase Grime and Sublow to American & international audiences. I also found encouragement from Natzta from the Black Ops, respect out to Jon E Cash too, Natzta & I on alternative weeks presented The Sublow Movement sessions on Global Vortex and later released on the label. I don't think I could have stopped playing Grime anyhow, it was like an addiction, and even if only one other person loves what you do you keep playing. I kept trying to showcase grime to people like me who weren't from east London who weren't 'in" the scene, trying to "convert" people to Grime lol hence the name I came up with for my show many years later. 

My early radio experiences were with pirate radio Hyper FM big up Gary & Phantom D & the lads, was a lot of fun and on Wireless FM internet radio especial thank you to Bison and love also to all the other presenters/djs of weird and wonderful shows who remain friends to this day. 

I also played on Nakedbeatz Radio - Big Ups to all the DJ's, crew and my guests, I had so many fun times also a big thank you to VJ Flickeringlight for so tirelessly supporting so many artists on the underground scene here is some of his amazing work on one of my Nakedbeatz mixes 

Ive been lucky to play some amazing parties, festivals and clubs all over the world & made some friends for life through music Dezi aka DJ Psycho Irrational Musikworks, New Detroit Radio and all the wonderful Mitchigan Ravers USA. [photo me and the guys and gal?]


Performing and participating in Bogotrax festival Colombia, was an incredible experience one of my most moving gigs ever was DJing in a jail in Bogota, big ups Bogotrax family

Music and travelling are two of my favourite things, so Id love to DJ in every country in the world. In 2015 I had a dream come true supporting S.K.I.T.Z Beatz and the Newham Generals on the Warrior Tour in Australia and Dubai, big thank you to S.K.I.T.Z Beatz for organising that. [ add the Dubai promotional video?}


Last year I played the Palast Tent in Fusion Festival Germany my favourite large festival. Rebel Phonk Spain is my favourite small festival love to all the Rebels. {photos of Fusion & rebel phono - not profess


I also produce and have two releases, and one band camp release for charity. "The Roarrr" on Global Vortex Records (2010)  "Freakin" which was released on my all time favourite Grime label Marxmen Dubs on the Compilation "100 Grime Instrumentals Vol 4"

"Dubship" was a collaboration I produced with female Japanese rapper Benten ( Japanese Underground Dancehall) was released for Resonance FM fund-raising drive



Since July 2013 I have hosted my own Grime show "Grime for the Unconverted" on Resonance 104.4 FM London Arts Radio. This has been a great platform for sharing Grime music to the world to an audience of diverse people who love music and art and who are open to sounds outside the "POP" box. I feel that I have been able to present Grime as what I perceive it to be which is an important art movement, so thank you to the Resonance team for that opportunity. My show is broadcast Monday midnight night (00.00hrs Tuesdays). Repeats Sat night/Sunday morning 2.30am the archives here:


A highlight for me as a radio host happened recently when Slew Dem Mafia joined me in Resonance FM studios for a chat and to record a mix session, I felt very humble to meet  that some of the innovators and pioneers of grime,who have inspired me. The full session interview and live set can be listened to here:


I play with experimental band V4V spear headed by maestro drummer Charles Hayward (This Heat), Nick Doyne Ditmas - Bass and Flugel Horn , Vern Edwards - Guitar & me on Reason sequencer and CDJ I find it thrilling to play with them I improvise, such connection & powerful dynamics between us and its magical playing with them. We did a mini tour in Japan 2012 courtesy of Vinyl Japan and our 8 CD limited edition album IN/ OUT is available 


This week I am submitting a track with Simone 23 on vocals to Artist in Action a group who support refugees, I don't know if it will be accepted but will put the link as they are doing good things raising money through music for people in desperate circumstances



I have been spending a lot of time in Portugal over the last two years and am trying to build up a grime scene here. I have set up an Iberian Grime group "Grime Disse Ela" with support from Filipe Riberio of Lacroixx music platform. Other people who have supported me here in Portugal have been DJ Buster Basspaths, Badmood Recordings, Mass Baixo and Isilda Sanches (Oxigenio/Antenae3).

slot to promote Grime on Antenae3

Misdigest Mix 2016

140 Magazine - Grime Vinyl Classics mixes 

Chat and tune with Isilda Sanches Oxigenio Radio Portugal 2014 

Flak Mix Qbase FM 

WDYCI Mix 003 201 

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