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  “Grime is to me what Jazz was to Nat King Cole”

 Ghetts, Calm Before The Storm

In 2003 thanks to my son & Dizzee Rascal I first came to know and love the music that came to be known as Grime, from 2004 I sought out and bought  every grime vinyl I could afford to buy many of them unreleased white label promos. 

I felt privileged to have heard this powerful, dynamic, passionate, humorous music that  seemed above all else "to keep" it real. 

I believe that Grime like Jazz, is an important musical evolution and will change the course of history. Skepta winning the mercury award, and Stormzy guesting with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart on USA TV 2016, feels like validation of my beliefs.

I fell in love with Grime, and I stayed with it through its wilderness years, when many said it was dead or dying, but it never died thanks to frontline Grime soldiers like Newham Generals, Spooky Bizzle, Sir Spyro, Jammer, J Sweet, Mak 10, Logan Sama, Nasty FM, Teddy, DJ Big Mikee, Jack & Knowledge Is Power Gang, Natzta of Black Ops & Sublow Movement and others who held the fort and kept the pulse of Grime beating....


Since July 2013 I have hosted my own Grime show "Grime for the Unconverted" on Resonance 104.4 FM London Arts Radio. This has been a great platform for sharing Grime music to the world to an audience of diverse people who love music and art and who are open to sounds outside the "POP" box. I feel that I have been able to present Grime as what I perceive it to be which is an important art movement, so thank you to the Resonance team for that opportunity.

My show is broadcast Monday midnight (00.00hrs Tuesdays). Repeats Sat night/Sunday morning 2.30am. The archives here:


A highlight for me as a radio host happened recently when Slew Dem Mafia joined me in Resonance FM studios for a chat and to record a mix session, I felt very humble to meet some of the innovators and pioneers of grime who have inspired me. 

The full session interview and live set can be listened to here:


I play with experimental band V4V spear headed by maestro drummer Charles Hayward (This Heat), Nick Doyne Ditmas - Bass and Flugel Horn , Vern Edwards - Guitar & me on Reason sequencer and CDJ I find it thrilling to play with them I improvise, such connection & powerful dynamics between us and its magical playing with them. We did a mini tour in Japan 2012 courtesy of Vinyl Japan and our 8 CD limited edition album IN/ OUT is available 


This week I am submitting a track with Simone 23 on vocals to Artist in Action a group who support refugees, I don't know if it will be accepted but will put the link as they are doing good things raising money through music for people in desperate circumstances



I have been spending a lot of time in Portugal over the last two years and am trying to build up a grime scene here. I have set up an Iberian Grime group "Grime Disse Ela" with support from Filipe Riberio of Lacroixx music platform. Other people to thank for their support in Portugal have been DJ Buster Basspaths, Badmood Recordings, Mass Baixo and Isilda Sanches (Oxigenio/Antenae3).

Currently working on a new project to introduce and engage more people here in Portugual with Grime. I have invited grime producers to submit tunes for Portugese Hip Hop crews to put vocals on. Some of the most exceptional grime producers in the UK have sent or are sending over tunes: JT the Goon (Edgem/ Slew Dem), Top Dolla (Slew Dem Mafia), J Sweet ( Marxmen Dubs/ Mixing records), Sirpixalot (Spindark/ Mode FM), Syer B ( Roll Deep), DJ Big Mikee ( Dark Elements/ Silk City Radio), Darx (Dark Elements), So Real Sounds ( Knowledge Is Power), Manul (Breaking Bass), John Brown the Rebel ( Invasion Alert/ Human Writes Music), Spooky Bizzle ( Ghost House Records/ Mode FM/ Radar) and I hope to be able to involve more so watch this space , the levels are off the radar Im really thrilled about it.

Its early days and we are not ready to launch to the public but Rui Abreu Miguel of Rimas & Batatis has offered me a once monthly slot to promote Grime on Antenae3 and Rui Pina aka Ex Peao aka Santo Ovideo Grime has been very supportive, I will be making a guest DJ appearance at his birthday party October 21st Porto

Keep your eye on Grime Disse Ela, Soundcloud or my social media Twitter, FB etc for info updates or

Big Ups Chameleon Audio & Listening Sessions, Mojoe and Chemist RNS, I will be supporting Mystry & Slickdon in Birmingham 12 Nov Hosted by Chameleon Audio vs Listening Sessions, PST roof top venue [Chameleonaudiolisteningsessionflier]

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Target Practice Vol. 1 - CAWS007 Long Range Center Of Earth EP - CAWS006 Policy

THANKS: To my friends and family and everyone who has supported me over the years too many too mention you know who you are, but I'd like to especially thank my son and daughter who inspired me and gave me a reason to be the best person I could be.

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